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Motorized Stages

Photonics Alignment

Steering Mirrors

Nanopositioning Scanning Stages

Piezo Actuators

Hexapod 6-Axis Motion Control Systems

Vibration Elimination

Vibration Elimination

Capacitive Measurements


Nanopositioning, Nano-Motion Control, NanoAutomation®, Piezo Technology
PI's precision positioners (piezoelectric and motorized) are available in many different configurations from actuators to 6 degrees of freedom complex alignment systems. A variety of different drive principles (linear motors, classical motors, screw drives, voice coil drives, etc.) is also offered. PI ultra-high precision motion control & nanopositioning solutions have helped leading companies in in fields as diverse as semiconductors, microscopy, telecom, photonics, data storage precision machining & tooling, and other markets to achieve Nanometer Precision Faster.

PZT Nano-Positioning Stages (Piezo Systems)

Hexapod 6-Axis Stage in motion,
time lapse

PIHera® Long Travel Piezo Scanning Stage in Motion (up to 1800 µm travel)

M-664 low profile piezo motor stage

Small Hexapod, Standard & Vacuum Compatible

Ultrasonic linear shaft motor for automation

PICMA® Multilayer Piezo Stack Actuators.

Low Cost Digital Nanopositioning Controller

High Speed Particle Tracking Stage for Microscopes

Fast Piezo Tip/Tilt Steering Mirror,
Long Scanning Range,

PicoCube®, high-performance piezo pico-positioning and scanning

Automatic Optical Alignment Systems (Fiber / Device Alignment & Packaging)

The exclusive Mach™ Throughput
Processor™ eliminates resonant ringing,
allowing rapid motion without a settling phase.

Animated 3D Mode Shape of a Rotary
Ultrasonic PZT Motor,

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